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Avoiding the Lead pipes

A recent article in a leading information aid for Parkinson’s Disease indicates higher prevalence of Parkinson’s disease in the areas which have more lead pipes. These lead pipes are used in certain areas with cold weather to carry water to the households. There is growing evidence that exposure to lead could possibly result in risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. Also, more acid rain may also be linked to higher rates of Parkinson’s Disease. This is because acid rain may dissolve some of the lead in the pipes, which can then become part of the drinking water.

Following is the link to the original article

A peptide to the rescue!

A top university has refined a molecule that can potentially be used to develop drug to treat Parkinson’s Disease. Current medications are only treating the symptoms of the disease. However, this molecule can potentially return people to good health even before symptoms develop. This peptide will also uncover the fundamental mechanisms of the disease itself, furthering our understanding of why the protein misfolds in the first place.

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Nasal sinus cavity microbiota and Parkinson’s Disease

As per a paper in the top journal, Olfactory dysfunction is an important pre-motor symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. It appears prior to the diagnosis. It can affect the quality of life in case of Parkinson’s Disease patients. Some changes in microbiota community inside deep nasal cavity (near the olfactory bulb) may trigger neuroinflammatory cascade and eventual dopamine loss in patients.

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Parkinson’s and respiratory alterations

As per a study, Parkinson’s Disease may lead to respiratory alterations. This may happen either due to disorder of upper airways or muscles involved in breathing or due to functional deficit of important neurons located in the brainstem involved in respiratory control. Altered lung function may also due to sedentary lifestyle. Hence, it is important that patients periodically opt for examinations to assess respiratory activity for early diagnosis and better treatment. Limited research has been conducted around this one so far.

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Flu and Parkinson’s

A recent article mentions about a link between Flu infection and Parkinson’s Disease. Compared to people who did not have flu infection, those who had flu have a 70% higher risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease 10 years later and 90% higher risk 15 years later. This may happen because of inflammation of central nervous system.

Following is the original article:

Focused ultrasound to cure side effects of medication

As per a recent article, focused ultrasound can help in alleviating the side effects of medication of Parkinson’s Disease. Focused ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that helps with the symptoms of tremors. This technique creates thermal legion deep in the brain without injuring the structures. It specifically targets basal ganglia.

Following link explains it briefly including the risks involved:

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