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Diet tips

Four foods for managing the symptoms

As per a recent article in a leading newspaper, certain types of food help in avoiding the symptoms of PD and also assist the medication in working properly.

1) Drinking plenty of water: NHS advices 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. It may help in absorbing the medication better. It may also help in managing constipation and difficulty in urinating due to PD.

2) Eat plenty of fiber: Fiber found in fruit, nut, grains is important for a healthy diet. Fibre absorbs water in the stomach hence keep full and satisfied.

3) Eat plenty of Vitamin D: This one is especially relevant for those who don’t get sunlight very often. It can keep the bones strong and can be found in oil, fish and eggs.

4) Eat nuts: Nuts like walnuts, chestnuts and pistachios are full of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

5) Limit sugar, alcohol and caffeine: These can adversely impact the sleep.

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Mediterranean food to the rescue!

As per a recent study, Mediterranean diet can benefit the patients of PD live better. It was found that Mediterranean diet led to weight loss, reduce the constipation challenges. It also decreased the proportion of Roseburia increased and that of Bilophila decreased. Both of these are good for health.

Following is the link to the original research:

Five foods to limit

As per a recent article, patients of Parkinson’s Disease should limit their intake of specific foods. Limiting these foods may result in decreased risk and slower progression of Parkinson’s Disease. Following are the foods to limit:

1. Read meat and meat products: Grilled fish or poultry like chicken is still fine.

2. Butter and stick margarine: Extra virgin olive oil is still good to be consumed

3. Whole fat cheese: To be limited to once a week

4. Pastries and sweets: Limit it to four times a week

5. Fries or fast food: once a week

These foods are not healthy for the brain and hence should be consumed in limit.

Following is the original article:

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