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Exercise tips

Good exercise for PD patients:

Exercise has short term and long-term benefits for patients of PD. People who do exercise for at least 2.5 hours a week have experienced a slower decline in their mobility and quality of life.

One of the important benefits of exercise is symptom management. Benefits may include improvement of:

1. Walking

2. Balance

3. Tremors

4. Flexibility

5. Grip strength

6. Motor coordination

7. Posture

8. Stiffness

Exercise can help in relieving the symptoms of fatigue, mood, sleep problems and mental health.

Exercise needs to focus on three areas:

· Flexibility and stretching

· Aerobic or cardio

· Resistance or using muscle against the force

Exercise can include:

· Tai chi

· Yoga

· Cycling

· Skipping

· Running

· Pilates

· Dancing

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Exercise means lower mortality

Recent study has found the link between exercise and lower mortality in patients of PD. Results showed that those who were physically active through out the life did the best; however, even those who picked up exercise after getting diagnosed also did quite well from survival standpoint. Those who became inactive despite being ‘athletes’ in the past did as poorly as the ‘non-athletes’.

Following is the link to the original study:

Lower oxygen levels and poor endurance is common

As per a recent study and an article, lower oxygen levels while sleeping and exercise result in poor endurance. This is common among patients of Parkinson’s disease. The study indicates a need for combining the motor and respiratory rehabilitation especially for patients with severe Parkinson’s. It also suggests that exercise tolerance, exercise-induced saturations, nocturnal desaturations were extremely frequent in patients and worse for severe patients. Hence a need for combining the motor and respiratory rehabilitation.

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