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This is Jui Keskar. I am a high school student living in Pune, India. My areas of interest include Bio-medical, Maths, Guitar, Design and travelling.

My Story

My uncle has been suffering from PD since early age and I have seen the progression of this disorder very closely. That has inspired me to focus on PD.

During covid-19 lockdown, I got an opportunity to do some interesting work. I built a wearable tremor profiling device for analyzing tremor levels of PD patient. The device is called JTremor3D. This device can profile tremor of a patient and make it available on demand anytime, anywhere. This can assist doctors during dosage planning. It also can assist the caregiver of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery patients while retuning the brain-pacemaker.


I got the opportunity to present the device to a few senior neurologists and a large patient support group for PD. It was liked by them and that was encouraging. The device also received a few National and International awards like Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2022 (Prime Minister's award - Highest civilian honor for citizens under the age of 18), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignited mind Children Creativity and Innovation Award 2020 (National level award), Grand Award at IRIS National Fair 2021, Grand award (3rd place in Biomedical engineering) and Science Seed award at ISEF from Society of Science, USA 2021 (International awards).


Earlier, I along with Mugdha, had conducted a study on Impact of Covid-19 lockdown and co-authored a research paper titled Mental well-being of professionals during Covid-19 lockdown: A study through the introduction of JUMA framework and JMI. The paper was published in a peer-reviewed journal.




I am looking forward to your feedback to make this useful for the patients of Parkinson's Disease..

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