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Blocking the Bach1 protein may slow down the deterioration in PD patients:

Genes of a human is expressed in proteins. A problem in genes can lead to production of unwanted proteins. In case of Parkinson’s patients, Bach1 is one such protein that is most often found. This protein can potentially lead to deterioration of brain cells in case of PD patients. A new study has revealed that by blocking the Bach1 protein, deterioration of brain cells can potentially be slowed down.

The study was conducted by a medical university and following is the original source:

Potential of stem cells for in Parkinson’s Disease

A treatment involving replacement of lost neurons and restoration of normal movement is currently undergoing clinical trials. This could potentially offer relief.

One challenge is that stem cells cannot be finetuned to the way medication dosage can be controlled once transplanted. However, researchers are optimistic about its potential. They feel that stem cells in combination with medication could potentially slow or even stop the disease.

Following is the link to the ongoing research:

Using Running Speech data From phone calls for detecting Parkinson’s Disease

At times, Parkinson’s Disease leads to speech impairment. Voice features from running speech signals can be extracted to train a system that can potentially detect presence of Parkinson’s Disease.

The study has been published in a renowned journal.

Following is the link to the original work:

Neuron leaks in PD patients

In PD patients, a normally benign protein called alpha-synuclein starts to behave abnormally in some neurons. Usually a healthy neuron contains many identical copies of alpha-synuclein. In patients of PD, these copies tend to form big clusters, or aggregates. Neurons that have such aggregates tend to leak and finally die. Over the period, more neurons get affected. In rest of the neurons of the same brain, alpha-synuclein does not aggregate to the same extent and does not cause problems.

Advanced research on this topic is in progress. Following is the link to the same:

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