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Digital mode of dancing could be accessible in covid times and yet beneficial!

There is moderately strong co-relationship between dance and improving the gait, balance, mobility, quality of life and disability management of patients of Parkinson’s Disease. Digital delivery of dance interventions and online dance are easy to access. This can really help patients remain active even during the Covid-19 times, when social distancing is a norm.

This is as per the recent research conducted by scientists that got published in a renowned scientific journal. Following is the link to the actual research:

Neurological Music Therapy

Neurological music therapy- a specific type of rehabilitation therapy, that is still being assessed, may potentially turn out to be useful for PD patients to recover fine motor skills that would help in writing, self-care, and fine object manipulation. To re-establish the natural electrical activity in the brain, which is used by neurons for communication, neurological music therapy uses certain type of combinations of rhythm and movement

Previous studies show that Neurological music therapy can ease gross motor impairments and improved gait and balance.

Following is the link to the original research:

Can exercise help patients of Parkinson’s Disease?

Studies are showing that groups who exercised had a slow advancement of the disease as compared to the group that didn’t exercise.

Following is the link to the ongoing study:

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