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Response of eye pupil could reveal the risk..

As per the recent study, the response of the eyes’ pupils, i.e. the black circle in the centre of the eye that allows light to enter, seems to change as the Parkinson’s Disease progresses.

South Korea-based researchers looked at the pupil light reflex using a pupillometer, an instrument used to measure pupil response to light. This reflex allows one to assess the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, i.e. the part of the body that controls involuntary actions such as digestion and heartbeat, This automatic nervous system is known to be dysfunctional in certain Parkinson’s patients.

Measuring the PLR is non-invasive and helps researchers determine the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, two opposite parts of the body’s autonomic nervous system and there by help in assessing the progression of PD.

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Apple smart watch and iPhone to detect PD

Smart watch and Phone from Apple can possibly help in differentiating between patients with early untreated Parkinson’s disease from those who have healthy controls as per a new research. The results of WATCH-PD study clearly show differences in a finger tapping task from the PD patient and the one from the control group. It also highlighted difference in gait between these groups.

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Light therapy, a new hope for PD patients

In early studies, light therapy has shown promise in keeping the tremors at bay. Though the results was not immediate, the improvements in few weeks, speak, walking has shown improvements.

A larger study is being planned in Sydney where patients are being recruited now.

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Pesticides and Parkinsonism

Research was done to identify causes and risk factors for PD. Certain pesticides likely to be culprits. Paraquat, a restricted-use herbicide as well as Chloropyrifos can cause brain effects including increased risk of PD. These are still used in golf courses. People living around golf courses may be at a higher risk says the study.

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