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Kayaking, Bicycling, fasting and more..

Motor performance and quality of life improves through bicycling!

Through studies and trials, researchers have discovered that bicycling can be beneficial to patients of Parkinson’s disease. Motor outcomes have shown improvements due to bicycling. Motor outcomes include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, postural instability and difficulty with walking and gait. Also, balance, walking speed and capacity also showed improvements through the use of bicycle.

The finding also suggests that bicycling improves the overall quality-of-life of PD patients.

Following is the link to the original research:

7 techniques for assisted walking for PD patients.

While all may not be suitable for all patients, they need to choose the one which works best for them. Rigidity and stiffness of muscles cause a patient of PD take smaller steps and walk slowly. As PD progresses, freezing or other episodic problems occur. Freezing makes it even more difficult to move. Sometimes falls and related injuries also occur.

The 7 gait compensation strategies for are:

1. External cueing – use audio / visual cues such as laser shoes, vibrating socks, etc

2. Internal cueing – counting

3. Changing the balance requirements – wider turns, weight shifts before stepping or using walking aid

4. Altering the mental state – relaxation techniques

5. Action observation and motor imagery – visualize the movements or watch others walking and imitate their gait

6. Adapting a new walking pattern – such as by jumping or walking backwards

7. Using leg in a different way to move forward – riding, skateboarding or crawling

For further details, please check out the original source:

Kayaking is the way to go!

Kayaking may be an ideal activity for PD patients. Paddle sports, kayaking includes many exercises that are suggested for PD patients. It can improve strength, balance, and provide both cardio and amplitude training. One can do it with friends! It can become a challenge to get in and out of kayak gracefully, hence one may want to watch a tutorial video to explore different options.

Following is the link to original source:

Eight exercises for managing PD symptoms

While all types of exercise are beneficial for Parkinson’s disease, following 8 exercises seem most suitable:

- Cycling

- Running

- Tai chi

- Yoga

- Pilates


-Weight training

-Non-contact boxing

Following is the link to the original source:

Brisk walking is the way to go!

As quoted by the author, the data MDS 2021 implies that a 6 week brisk walking program can improve the non-motor symptoms significantly compared to standard stretching exercise.

Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity aerobic training that involves good coordination of large steps and large arm swing. Results from this study indicated that a walking program of 6-week duration increased motor performance, balance, and walking capacity for patients with mild to moderate PD. Its effects on nonmotor symptoms, sleep quality, and health-related quality of life has not been investigated.

Following is the link to the original study:

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