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New Advancements


A new tech for examining microstructures of brain


Using a technology, it is now possible to examine the microstructures of the striatum, a region of the deep brain that is known to deteriorate as Parkinson's disease progresses. A professor at a top university recognized that by altering a procedure known as qMRI, the cellular alterations in PD may be discovered. He anticipates that it is 3-5 years down the line.


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The innovative Nanobody


An innovative nanobody can get through tough brain cells and treat Parkinson's illness. A study being conducted by top scientists has found a nanobody that is capable of untangling the misshapen proteins. Clump of such misshapen proteins can spread from guts or nose to brain, thereby driving the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. This is indeed a positive development.


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Remote monitoring of PD patients’ symptoms


A group of Portuguese researchers have developed a project that resorts to mobile and wearable proprietary to remotely monitor PD patients’ symptoms.


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Prevention of PD


A top hospital in India suggests the following measures that can help prevent PD:

·         Regular exercise

·         Maintaining healthy diet by avoiding processed meats and caffeine and including fish in diet if possible

·         Avoiding exposure to toxins in pesticides and chemicals. Smoking tobacco leads to an increased risk of developing PD

·         Managing stress by exercise, relaxation techniques, and therapy.

·         Getting enough sleep

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