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Coffee drinking and smoking does have a relationship with the age of onset

The age of onset as well as the extend of clinical symptoms in patients of Parkinson's Disease may be influenced by coffee drinking, and smoking as per initial findings of an early research.

The study involved over 30-thousand patients with idiopathic Parkinson's, the most common form of the neurodegenerative condition, which hinders the brain's ability to control movement.

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Several studies on Parkinson's Disease tie health and lifestyle factors to the disease

A slew of studies were done on Parkinson's Disease in the recent times. Findings of these studies are quite important.

a) Death due to PD has increased by half in last 20 years in the US.

b) Influence infection can increase the risk of PD a decade or more later.

c) PD patients, who are physically active, are likely to survive longer.

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