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Understanding the disease

While patients can feel the symptoms, there are some nuances of the disease that may be important for the patients to know. One such concept the “On/off phenomenon. Another one is the importance of gut bacteria.

The newsletter also covers some details about how the disease impacts the body.

Following are the details:


What is the “Off” phenomenon

Off phenomenon happens in PD patients when the disease progresses and the main medicine becomes less effective. Off time or motor fluctuations may be different for different patients. In case some of the earlier symptoms reoccur in patients in spite of the medication, it is likely to be because the body needs a different dosage as medication is less effective.

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Importance of gut bacteria

In the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease, gut bacteria is involved in multiple ways. Finding of the latest research shows that there exists a wider imbalance in the composition of microbiome of Parkinson’s Disease patients. Study suggests possibilities of infection and inflammation, extra production of toxic molecules, and bacterial product curli leading to dysregulation of neurotransmitters.

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How does Parkinson’s Disease impact the body

Parkinson’s Disease is a neuro-degenerative disorder that impacts dopamine-producing neurons. This leads to emotional and physical changes. Patients may face one or more of symptoms of disease include:

· Tremors

· Stiffness / slowness

· Posture and balance changes

· Dementia

· Speech problems

· Trouble sleeping

· Loss of smell or taste

Medicines are given to manage the symptoms. There are certain non-medical therapies, specific exercise and diets that can help in living with the disease better.

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