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Inflammation at early stages of Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists have discovered that, early in the disease stages, central inflammation is observed. This inflammation is independent of the treatment. It corelates with some other disease markers and cognitive features. This discovery does answer the fundamental unanswered question – Is inflammation having a role in onset of disease? While the causation is yet to be established, corelation has been found.

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Focused ultrasound as a remedy

Researchers have found that doing a focused ultrasound as a treatment option does show promise to reduce the symptoms of PD. This treatment did show improvement in mobility and tremors. Focused ultrasound heats the points inside the brain causing permanent lesion. This intervention is minimally invasive surgery. The technique involves high frequency ultrasound and real time MRI to gradually heat up the part of brain that is involved in PD. This disrupts signalling and helps improving the movement of PD.

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A special pen for patients of Parkinson’s Disease

Student research at a top university has designed a special pen for patients of Parkinson’s Disease. This pen can negate the effect of tremors and shaking. Being able to write normally despite the disease can have a huge positive impact as patient is possibly able to continue the earlier work. This pen has a wide grip that makes holding easier.

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Watch out for bad dreams in children

Researchers have discovered a link between bad dreams during childhood and Parkinson’s Disease as well as Dementia. Children who regularly experience bad dreams between the age of 7 to 11 have a double likelihood of developing cognitive impairment when they become 50 year old. Such children are seven times more likely to develop PD by 50. Even middle-aged bad dreamers are twice likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease or Dementia in future.

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Peptides derived from snake venom can impede PD progression

Researchers of Parkinson’s Disease have found during computational analysis that two peptides that have been inspired from snake venom may hold promise for treating neurological disorders like PD. Drug development is a tedious process. Hence, two peptides inspired by venom has been developed

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FDA approval for NeuroRPM, a remote monitoring app

In a very happy news for tech-savvy people, FDA has approved NeuroRPM, a remote monitoring app for patients of Parkinson’s Disease. This app uses Artificial Intelligence and Apple watch to continuously monitor bradykinesia, tremors and dyskinesia using data from Apple watch. This app may change the way patient is monitored and managed.

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