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While there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease as of now, the disease can be controlled to a greater extent through the management of lifestyle. Lifestyle in this case has two essential dimensions:

1.      Good healthy Diet

2.      Good activity level


Good healthy diet

Right diet can help manage the symptoms of PD, dementia like confusion and anxiety better. Diet may also help in reducing oxidative stress and other symptoms like constipation. Earlier newsletter included detailed list of recommended diet.  Any diet plan should be tried only after consulting the doctor.


Good activity level

Endurance exercise and aerobics are very useful for PD as this exercise generate irisin, a hormone that reduces PD symptoms. High Activity level has amazing ability to control the symptoms. Exercise has been found to have a direct correlation with low mortality. High activity level may also reduce the risk of developing PD at a later stage. Any exercise plan should be tried only after consulting the doctor.


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Exercise hormone is the need of the hour!

Recent study by top Medical University has proven that the hormones that are secreted in the blood during exercise reduce the “bad” protein level. These “bad” proteins which are linked to PD can thus be controlled through aerobics and endurance exercises. This has also been found to pause the problems related to movements that are found in mice.

If the above findings get validated through clinical trials, this may lead to a new therapy for PD based on the “exercise” hormone irisin.

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Role of diet in PD

Dietary changes may help manage symptoms for some patients. Since PD is linked with lack of dopamine cells, researchers try to find ways to increase dopamine naturally via diet. Also, symptoms like dementia and confusion may be managed to some extent through proper diet and exercise. Food with antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress. Constipation may be relieved with fibre supplement and probiotics. Magnesium remains important though it needs more research.

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Acupuncture and PD anxiety

A randomized clinical trial was conducted to check the effectiveness of acupuncture for managing anxiety among PD patients. Real acupuncture and sham acupuncture were used on the selected population of patients. It was found that acupuncture did indeed reduce the anxiety. Also, the patients who underwent real acupuncture had reduced anxiety even 2 months after the end of treatment. The study concluded that acupuncture with clinical monitoring may potentially reduce anxiety of patients with PD.

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