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Diet and food

While not cure, proper diet can help alleviate symptoms in PD patients.

Because PD has lack of dopamine in body, researchers look for ways to increase dopamine in body through diet and exercise.

Consumption of antioxidants can help release oxidative stress in brain which is responsible for mental decline seen in PD patients. Research says, consumption of fibre, supplements and probiotics can relieve potential symptoms like constipation. Taking magnesium may also help in relieving muscle cramps in PD patients.

Foods to be eaten:

· Antioxidants like nuts (walnuts, pistachios etc.), berries (blue, black etc.), nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant etc.) and leafy green vegetables (spinach, kale etc.)

· Fava beans- they contain levodopa used in many Parkinson’s drugs

· Omega-3 foods- help improve brain function. These include salmon, flaxseeds, soy beans, kidney beans, oysters etc.

· Certain nutrient rich foods like spinach, tofu containing iron; beans, lentils, peas containing vitamin B1; whole grains, red meat, chicken containing zinc; salmon, tuna fish, cod liver oil containing vitamin D; and dairy products, green leafy vegetables containing calcium.

Foods to be avoided:

· Foods with high saturated fat like beef, butter, cheese, palm oil etc

· Foods that are hard to chew. Another PD symptom is difficulty chewing or swallowing

· Processed foods like canned food, fried food, sodas etc; as they may impair gut health and affect symptom severity

Some lifestyle tips also include drinking plenty water, spending time outside, exercising and considering consumption of prescribed supplements.

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Pilates and Parkinson’s disease:

Pilates is an exercise routine designed to increase core strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Doing these, improve overall quality of life.

Pilates is a complete mind-body experience that focuses on stability and mobility which makes it useful for PD patients. Hiring a certified Pilate instructor can be very helpful.

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The benefits of rock climbing for PD:

Recently, a story was published, about a woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and after a few years found a surprising yet effective way of dealing with it- rock climbing.

This activity helps ease some symptoms and boost confidence. This may also help relieve symptoms like anxiety and depression. The reason rock climbing is effective is that it requires you to integrate several systems like coordination, balance, and large and small muscle strength, to get up safely. Rock climbing is highly effective for developing coordination of movement. It strengthens legs, the core, and fine motor skills.

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Ultra-powerful brain scanners provide hope

7T MRI scanners could be used to help identify people with Parkinson's disease and other diseases who are most likely to benefit from new medicines for symptoms that were previously untreatable. 7T refers to the magnetic field which usually in MRI scans tends to be 3T.

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