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Detecting the disease

In this section, we delve into groundbreaking advances in Parkinson's disease detection and treatment. We explore a pioneering AI technology from a top university, which analyzes video footage to identify Parkinson's disease markers. This innovative tool enables individuals, particularly in remote areas, to record and upload walking patterns via smartphones, potentially revolutionizing diagnostics with results available in just 30 minutes, reducing hospital visits. Stay informed with these exciting developments in our fight against Parkinson's.


Following are some of the articles:



Skin biopsy to detect PD..

A top Israeli research center working on Biomarkers have detected alpha-synuclein in the body tissues including skin nerve fibres. They have designed a test to detect presence of alpha-synuclein using simple skin biopsies. They found this test to be accurate in over 93% cases for people with clinically detected Parkinson’s Disease.

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AI of videos to detect Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists at top university have developed a technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos of people walking. Videos can be captured by phone at home. This can specifically help people in rural areas and can reduce their need to visit hospitals. People can get result in 30-min post video upload.

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