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Good news! The “off” time may reduce by as much as 1.5 hours

A top pharma is working on a clinical trial treatment with a specific oral extended-release formulation. It is suggested that this “extended-release” formulation may potentially result in reduction in 1.5 hours of “off” time as compared to a immediate-release medication. In the existing medications, symptoms are not adequately controlled between the doses. The specific medication in the extended-release therapy is designed to release into the bloodstream that maintains clinically relevant levels longer, helping to reduce “off” time.

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Llama coming to the rescue!

Scientists have found small antibodies like molecules that can target (inhibit) the protein that interferes with the binding of the substrates of the protein. These nanobodies can selectively inhibit certain activities of the protein while leaving others to continue. Scientists have been able to generate over hundred families of nanobodies from the llama blood samples.

Next step will be to do “in-vivo” experiments. Wishing all the best to the scientists.

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13 early signs of PD..

While the common symptom of Parkinson’s Disease are tremors, slowness and rigidity, there are other subtle changes that may signal the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Following are 13 such signals:

1) Tremors

2) Difficulty walking

3) Cramped or small writing

4) Loss of smell

5) Sleep problems

6) Poor balance

7) Slowness or absence of movement

8) Facial masking

9) Vocal changes

10) Stooping or hunched posture

11) Constipation

12) Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Dementia, Confusion, difficulty in staying organized, reduced problem-solving ability

13) Weight loss

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Hearing loss and Epilepsy can be early signs

In a study published in a top journal, scientists identified Hearing loss and Epilepsy as possible early indicators of PD. A study conducted over 28 years on about a million PD patients from varied ethnic group revealed hearing loss and epilepsy as some of the potential early signs.

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A gene that can protect against PD.

Scientists from the University of Geneva have identified a key protein in flies, and also in mice, which plays a protective role against Parkinson’s disease and could be a new therapeutic target.

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