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In this section, we bring you the latest insights and discoveries in the field. In this edition, we shed light on the substantial burden faced by informal caregivers of PD patients and the impact on their emotional, social, financial, physical, and spiritual well-being. Additionally, we explore the intriguing link between constipation and Parkinson's, with recent evidence suggesting it could be an early symptom. Discover the potential of smartwatches and artificial intelligence in enabling early detection, and learn about the historical milestones in PD's understanding and identification. Finally, we highlight the early signs of Parkinson's Disease to help individuals seek timely medical attention. For more details, follow the links to the original sources below each article. Stay informed and join us in advancing PD research.


Burden to caregiver is enormous

A study was conducted to understand both quantitative and qualitative burden on the informal caregivers of PD patients. Burden is a complex interplay of patient-related characteristics, caregiver-related characteristics and the interpersonal skills. This can indeed have an adverse impact on the caregivers emotional, social, financial, physical, and spiritual functioning. Caregiver is associated with the negative consequences as well as positive impact on their relationship.

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Constipation and Parkinson’s

As per a recent study, constipation is one of the common symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. It may appear as early as 10 years before a Parkinson’s Diagnosis. This may be due to abnormal microbiome in the bowel.

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Smart watch is faster by seven years!

By the time clinical diagnosis is made, 50% - 70% brain cells may have been lost. Early detection of Parkinson’s Disease can bolster the quality of life of patients through medicine, therapies and sometimes surgeries. Researchers at a top university have studied accelerometry of over 100,000 smart watches using artificial intelligence

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History of Parkinson’s Disease

In ancient Indian medical system, PD is referred as Kampavada [Kampa is tremor in Sanskrit]. In western medicine, it was called Shaking palsy in AD 175 by physician Galen. A London based doctor names James Parkinson published an essay in 1817 and hence the name Parkinson’s Disease. Six decades later, Charcot, French neurologist, named this disease after James Parkinson recognizing the importance of his work. In 1880 William Gower identified people who could be prone to this disease.

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Early signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Some of the early signs of Parkinson’s Disease include:

· Small / cramped handwriting

· Tremor in finger, hand or foot

· Uncontrollable movement during sleep

· Limb stiffness and slow movement

· Voice changes

· Rigid facial expression or masking

· Stooped posture

It is wise to see the doctor if faced with such early symptoms

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